Tuesday, February 22, 2005

kudos to ViewSonic!

Mom just purchased a P95F+ from Securemart.com. It showed up in one piece, but DOA. This is the second order I've placed with securemart..the first order went without a hitch.

SecureMart has a return policy exemption for ViewSonic (and a few other mfgs) that prevents them from handing the case. They were not particularly helpful when mom first contacted them, but they did promptly get me a copy of the invoice to include with the fax to ViewSonic.

I had to contact VS directly. After 23 minutes and 34 seconds on hold I spoke to Mike. Mike was very helpful and immediately suggested that we use their advance replacement method. Using this method VS pays return shipping (sending a return label with the new monitor), saving us another $40-50.

He emailed me a .pdf, which I filled out and faxed back. As soon as the new unit ships he'll also send me a tracking number.

Excellent service (even if the hold time was a bit long), thanks ViewSonic!


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