Monday, January 31, 2005

International B-132 tows another building

For some history, here's a historic shot of this truck towing a mobile home in the 60s:

Weekend before last I moved an ugly ratty outbuilding around from the other side of the pond.

Started moving it with the little Mitsubitshi tractor, but after about 20-30 feet ran out of traction:

So I gave the IHC a shot. Tossed all of the concrete blocks that had been used in raising then lowering the shed in the back for ballast..

Used the granny 1st gear and it pulled it right along:

Wiggling the thing through the gates proved a bit of a chore..rather crazy angle for all of it. Pictures stopped coming regularly since this took both of us to reset the chains and watch all the corners...;)

Still have to move it across this side of the yard and figure out how to get it into it's new nitch between some trees. Then some cleanup, a new door, some roofing material, some paint, and it'll be a new shed for the garden tools (and get them out of my overcrowded shop! :)